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3 Tips to Avoid Tearing During Birth

Working with pregnant women and exploring their fears surrounding child birth - I would say tearing during birth is one of the most common fears women mention!

I totally understand this! It was one of my biggest fears - and it's compounded by all the horror stories well intentioned women share with you about their own birth experience.

During the HypnoBirthing course I specifically address this fear with ways to minimise and hopefully prevent tearing, but I wanted to share a few tips here for any women researching how to avoid tearing during birth.

1) Buy an Epi-no!

My biggest tip and in my opinion (and other Practitioners, Doulas and Midwifes disagree) the easiest and best thing you can do is to use an Epi-no from 35/36 weeks on. However don't follow the instructions that it comes with, follow these instructions and tips (link to video coming soon).

If you've never heard of an Epi-no here's the website:

2) Visualise your vagina stretching

Sound simple right! But have you every seen how much a vagina can stretch? A lot is the answer!

Start off by watching positive uncensored birth videos where you actually see the baby slowly emerging through the vagina - why you ask? Well before you can imagine you can do it yourself it might be helpful to see others to it first.

The mind-body connection during birth is incredible powerful - get in touch if you'd like to know more about how visualisations and affirmations can help reduce you chance of tearing during birth, or find a HypnoBirthing course near you!

3) Don't push your baby out!

Another thing taught in HypnoBirthing is not to push your baby out!

Pushing can cause the baby to descend too quickly and aggressively, not allowing your vagina the chance to slowly expand and stretch like it's designed to.

If you are at all fearful about your labour or birth please get in touch! I'd love to talk to you about how HypnoBirthing can help you have a calm gentle birth and how you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy feeling empowered and excited for your birthing experience.

Katy x

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